We want you..

Shan & OB – Life long record collecting dinosaurs, recovering pasty white nightclub ghouls, part-time Daft Punk impersonators, and fans of your music!

Somehow BASE FM let these nerds onto the airwaves. Truth is, they have been producing radio in Australia for longer than their care to admit – and somehow managed to create an audience of like-minded musically savvy & sexy podcast addicts all over the globe. How many? Who really knows? Enough to consistently reach the top 10 of the Mixcloud charts each week.

Every week Shan & OB love chatting with their favourite musical heroes and getting the backstory, the lowdown and the nitty-gritty on what makes their guests tick.
And they want you!
..and you would be in good company too! The feedback from their interviewees is mostly positive…

Here’s a few legitimate testimonials from guests that they didn’t need to pay off:


I’ve done loads of these interview podcasts and I have to say yours was hands down THE BEST!!! So professionally put together. Absolutely brilliant!!!! Plus the casual laidback chatting and a bit of banter. It really was my fave interview I’ve done to date.


I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU! You put so much effort into planning it out and it flowed so well, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the whole thing from beginning to end. You’ve honestly made me feel proud of songs that I’d almost forgotten about and it felt great to hear them in the context you presented them.

It’s not often that I genuinely enjoy listening back to my interviews but you really did such a great job of making it into an interesting show.
Thanks again for your time, effort & enthusiasm. Please keep making great radio shows in the way that you do.


You did great! I’m humbled by the response from you guys, please remember we’re just 2 guys from Brooklyn! (originally). Remember, our door is always open if you have any questions about anything, there are no secrets. Thanks again, it was tons of fun!


I finally stole the necessary tick-tocks to give it a listen. It really turned out super swell! And I usually hate how I come off in interviews. I think part of the reason was the great questions you asked. It was a blast – Thank you again!

DADDY-O (Stetsasonic) & HASIB McNEALY

We appreciate your support and look forward to doing some great things with you guys in the future. If you need anything from me please don’t hesitate to ask. Stay in touch!