It’s a Hip Hop special with a fascinating conversation with the legend Masta Ace and deep dive into his catalog and samples..


Black Sheep – Try Counting Sheep
Cloud One – Patty Duke
Rae & Christian feat The Pharcyde – It Ain’t Nothing Like [Nextmen Remix]
Nice & Smooth – Funky For You
Fat Boys – Jail House Rap
Stezo – Bring the Horns
Starski – Starski, Live At The Disco Fever
The Pharcyde – Return Of The B-Boy
DJ Format – B Boy Code
Masta Ace – Me & The Biz
Marley Marl – Symphony
Masta Ace – Born To Roll
Masta Ace – F.A.Y.
Masta Ace feat koolade – Survival
Masta Ace feat Greg Nice – Don’t Understand
Sister Sledge – Easier to love
David McCallum – The Edge
Masta Ace – No Regrets
Masta Ace – Terror
Eric Gale – Sara Smile
Masta Ace – Family First
Major Harris – I GOT OVER LOVE
Masta Ace MF DOOM – Crush Hour
Masta Ace MF DOOM – Home Sweet Home
The Blackbyrds – Love Is Love
Ronnie Laws – Tidal wave
Crooklyn dodgers – Crooklyn
Masta Ace – Freestyke
Masta Ace & Guru – Conflict
Masta Ace – Four Minus Three
Marly Marl – The Symphony pt 2
Theme from Rocky- Redemption
Masta Ace – Get large
Masta Ace & Edo G – Reminds Me
Michael Henderson – In The Summer Time
Masta Ace & Edo G – Round and Round
Grand Funk Railroad – Nothing Is The Same
Masta Ace – Music Man
Masta Ace – Jack Be Nimble
Young Disciples – Talkin’ What I Fell
Steve Parks – Movin In The Right Dirstion
Masta Ace – NY confidential
Bob James – El Verano
George Benson – California Dreamin’
Masta Ace I.N.C – Jeep Ass Niguh
Masta Ace I.N.CSlaughtahouse
Jim Sullivan – Rosey
Masta Ace I.N.C – Crazy Drunken Style