It’s an “all Boca” show as the original master of the 7 inch, one half of Dynamo Productions and all-round party rocking (and in-demand) DJ, Boca 45, is our special guest on this week’s episode of The Low End Theory. Seriously, Scott Hendy has had his hands in just about anything and everything beat related since his first album, Pitch Sounds, dropped on Grand Central Records back in 2004 and this Bristol native is showing no signs of slowing down.

With his 4th album, Forty Five, dominating club DJ playlists last year and a 5th album just released called ‘Donuts’ (featuring a stack of his ultra-limited 45’s that you either bought immediately or missed out on), Boca lets us all in on what it’s been like producing and releasing records during these crazy times, what it was like coming up through the 90’s amongst a creative explosion in Bristol and also about that time he showed up The 45 King at a gig (yep, that really happened). He also gives the boys an exclusive 45’s mix (yep, only here) and, as always, Shan and OB bring their usual banter over plenty of Boca 45 and Dynamo Productions beats, breaks n party hiphop.

We also chat about the brand new Boca 45 album 2020 Donuts, a collection of all the limited edition 45’s that he has released this year. For the first time you can now have the entire collection pressed in this small run of records. It’s definitely a release that we wasted no time on snatching up for our own collections. You can check the limited blue vinyl pressing at Boca 45’s Big Cartell page.

Grab the new BOCA 45 “2020 DONUTS” Album here

This episode finishes with an exclusive thirty-minute mix from Boca 45 himself, as he gives us a sample of the records that have been getting a rinsing in his crates of recent. It’s all killer – no filler!

Boca 45 ft. Stephanie McKay - "In The City"
Boca 45 ft. Stephanie McKay - "In The City"
Boca 45 - Diego's Theme
Boca 45 - Diego's Theme


Boca 45 - Ultra
Purple Penguin - No Action
Purple Penguin - Apollo
Dynamo Productions - Showtime
Dynamo Productions - Sonar Sound
Boca 45 - Return of the Original Dancefreaks
Boca 45 - Steady Rockin'
Boca 45 feat Emskee - Meaning of Live
Boca 45 feat Swaby - It's All There
Boca 45 feat Louis Baker - Move a Mountain
BocaWoody - Scissor Cuttin'
Boca 45 - Les Beats

Boca 45 Mix::
The Nubian Crackers - Two For The Time
Aldo Vanucci - Everythings Alright
Boca 45 - Airdrums
J.Rocc - Break Yo Self
Flipout - Flippin Bob Pt 1
Woxy - Library Vultures Theme
DJ Shadow - Rocket Fuel Inst
Rob Life - Ok, We’Re Rolin’
Beastie Boys - And What You Give Is What You Get
Marc Hype - Funky Thang
Boca 45 - Clap Your Hands & Party
The Go! Team - Ladyflash
Boca 45 - Les Beats
Boca 45 - Blow Your Mind
Money Studies - 1000
The Avalanches - Since I Left You
Boca 45 - Wiggle N Jiggle