Jim Baron (aka Ron Basejam) from Crazy P stops in to chat with Shan & OB about his new solo EP. Unless you’ve been living in a self-imposed dance isolation stupor for the past 20 years, you’d know Crazy P. This English electronic group has been churning out beats heavily influenced by vintage disco, soul and house music since their debut album “A Nice Hot Bath With…” was unleashed in 1999 and Jim (with co-founder Chris Todd aka Hot Toddy) have been behind the controls of the dance juggernaut since the very start. We talk to Jim about the ride he and the band have been on and what the future holds for this supergroup. Plus, we drop an exclusive mix of all Crazy P tracks, remixes and related tunes – and we also play some of Jim’s brilliant new EP “Falling That You Know”.

Falling That You Know (Original Mix)
Falling That You Know (Original Mix)
Eruption - Crazy P
Eruption - Crazy P
Crazy P -  Like A Fool
Crazy P - Like A Fool


Jim - Whisper In The Wind
Crazy P - A Night On Earth
Crazy P - 3 Play It Cool
Crazy P - The Witness
White Elephant - Tears
Yesking - Hardground [Crazy P Remix]
Crazy P - Never Gonna Reach Me [Hot Toddy remix]
Alena - Changes [Ron Basejam Remix]
Jim - You Know What To Say
Secret Stealth - Something To Live For
Ron Basejam - We Supply
Eddy Meets Yannah - No One's Gonna Love You [Crazy P Remix]
Only Children - Don't stop [Crazy P remix]
Crazy P - Too Far
Crazy P - Sun Science
Crazy P - Echo
Fred Everything feat Vanessa Baker - Friday [Crazy P remix]
Crazy P - Bumcop
Crazy P - You Are We [Ian pooly's Main Mix]