DJ Format drops into show this week to hype his new album, Devils Workshop. It’s a change of pace for this party bringing Brighton DJ/producer, but still oozes that cut-up, golden era throwback vibe that fans will come to love like Shan & OB already have. As always, the boys hype this new release and go deep into Format’s history as one of the premier hiphop purveyors on the planet, chatting to him about all the 12’s, 7’s and mixes he’s dropped along the way. All this and between a stack of DJ Format’s music, OB drops 2 exclusive sets of Digital Underground cuts and related tunes as a tribute to the recently passed Shock G.

DJ Format - Hit Song
DJ Format - Hit Song
DJ Format & The Simonsound-Live Show Video
DJ Format & The Simonsound-Live Show Video
DJ FORMAT - Gladys Freestyle (45 rpm session)
DJ FORMAT - Gladys Freestyle (45 rpm session)


DJ Format - The Light
Digital Underground & Luniz - We Got More
Digital Underground - Underwater Rimes [Remix]
Digital Underground feat. George Clinton - Sons Of The P
2Pac - I Get Around (feat. Digital Underground)
Digital Underground - The Return Of The Crazy One
Digital Underground - Packet Man (Worth A Packet Radio Mix)
Digital Underground - Cyber Teeth Tigers
Shock G - And 2morrow
Suspekt - Blow Up (Remix)
Blow Up by Suspekt
DJ Format - Warm Dust
DJ Format & Phill Most Chill - Take A Stand
Hiroshi & Kudo feat DJ Milo - Return Of The Original Artform (Re-imagined by DJ Format)
Nigo - March Of The General (DJ Format Remix)
DJ Format - Last Bongo In Brighton
The Simonsound - The Peruvian
DJ Format feat Abdominial & D-sisive - 3 Feet Deep
DJ Format & Abdominal - Behind The Scenes
DJ Format - The Curse
DJ Format - Kool & The Gangstarr Generation
Digital Underground - The Danger Zone
Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance [Humpstrumental Mix]
Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance
Digital Underground - Same Song
Digital Underground - No Nose Job (Ultrafunk Remix)
Digital Underground - Body-Hats, Pt. 1
Digital Underground - Rhymin On The Funk
Digital Underground - Jerkit Circus
Digital Underground - Hyphy Hump
Digital Underground - Doowutchyalike
Digital Underground - Kiss You Back (Single Version)
DJ Format - Beyond Disco