Shan and OB go deep with Berlin-based production collective Jazzanova and DJ Amir about their upcoming release on BBE Music, ‘Strata Records – The Sound of Detroit – Reimagined by Jazzanova’. Strata Records was an iconic Detroit record label from the 1960’s that had some avant-garde jazz leaning tendencies over plenty of soul, latin and blues. Whilst the label did not last as long as others, their output into the 70’s left an impression on everyone from John Lennon to Juan Atkins and guaranteed its place in modern jazz folklore as record fiends now search far and wide for copies of the original releases. Working with DJ Amir, a legendary NYC DJ, music curator and edit master (alongside his partner Kon), Jazzanova has given a new lease on life to many of the tracks from the Strata catalogue, shaking many up with live sounds ranging from afrobeat to hip-hop.

The boys talk to to the group and Amir about how they went about re-imagining a back catalogue of obscure 60’s/70’s jazz records so they’d sound fresh in a modern context and how they translated the diverse sounds and styles of the Strata Records legacy into a soulful and cohesive musical statement that honors the label’s community of creative musicians.  Of course, they do all this over plenty of tracks from Jazzanova and Amir, plus 2 sets of genre-hopping goodness for your listening pleasure.

Strata Records - The Sound of Detroit - Reimagined By Jazzanova (Official Trailer)
Strata Records - The Sound of Detroit - Reimagined By Jazzanova (Official Trailer)
Jazzanova - Creative Musicians
Jazzanova - Creative Musicians
DJ Amir • DJ Set • Le Mellotron
DJ Amir • DJ Set • Le Mellotron


Bill King - Summerheat
The White Blinds - Blue Juice
Kool Taj The GR8 & LG Roc - Murder Dem
Emapea - Drop The Bass
Alborosie feat Chronixx - Contradiction
DJ Vadim feat Claire Angel - Mi Gwarn
Edna Wright - Oops! Here I Go Again
Spats - Everywhere
Lack of Afro feat Camila Recchio & Wax - You Could Do Better [Instrumental]
Double A - Old Skool Bounce
Daytoner - Keep It Moving
ElectroGorilla - Drop
Biggabush - Outernational Anthem
Rosie From The Block - Let Me Be
Jazzanova - Creative Musicians
The Lyman Woodard Organization - Creative Musicians

Sam Sanders - Inner City Player
Maulawi - Street Rap (DJ Amir & Re.decay Jazz Re.Constructed Remix)
Jazzanova - Fedime's Flight
Jazzanova feat Capital A - The One-Tet
Jazzanova - L.O.V.E and You and I
The Lyman Woodard Organization - Saturday Night Special
The Soulmates - People We Got to Do Better.

Jazzanova - Behold These Days
M-Beat - Incredible
Danny T & Tradesman - Jungle Gleamer
Tenor Fly + The Blackboard Junglists - Rude Boy Talk
Escape Roots ft Skari - Feel Good (Preacha Remix)
Sizzla - I'm Living (Ed Solo & Stickybuds Remix)
Morcheeba - Women Lose Weight (feat. Slick Rick)
Nas - Represent
M-Tri & DJ Leecy T - Trading Places
Calvin Harris - Skrt On Me
Banks - Warm Water (Snakehips Remix)
Leroy Burgess - Heavenly (Reflex Edit)
Melba Moore - You Steppin Into My Life (Laurel Edit)
Teena Marie - Square Biz (Stan Brega & Nick Bike Remix)
Escort - Cocaine Blues (JKriv Extended Disco Bumps)
Roland Wrightangle - In Your Blood (Dave Lee Mix)