Shan & OB welcome another legend onto their show with Freddy Fresh stopping in for a chat. The name alone conjures up visions of classic hiphop, party breaks and electro mayhem. His Howlin Records label has released classic jams from the likes of Fatboy Slim, Krafty Kuts, Dynamo Productions, Ursula 1000 and many more and he’s produced tracks for well over 100 record labels all over the world in just about every style known to humankind. He’s been ranked as one of the world’s best DJ’s and music producers, played in more than 35 countries, and he’s written a book that is universally accepted as the first book in the world to detail the independent record labels that released rap music from 1979 to 1989, “Freddy Fresh Presents Rap Records” (now into its 2nd printing).

As if that’s not crazy enough, he’s also had songs played on commercials, TV shows and plenty of films in between his work as a faculty member at his local college in Minnesota where he taught music in between all of his touring and production commitments. Phew!!!! With so much to cover, this one is an all “Freddy Fresh” special as the boys play all eras of tunes from the dude that almost single-handedly wrote the book on modern DJ culture.

Freddy Fresh Essential Mix 1998-02-01 Part 1 Rebroadcast 23/05/1999
Freddy Fresh Essential Mix 1998-02-01 Part 1 Rebroadcast 23/05/1999
Freddy Fresh - Groovetech Radio (2001-04-18)
Freddy Fresh - Groovetech Radio (2001-04-18)
Badder Badder Schwing feat. Fatboy Slim
Badder Badder Schwing feat. Fatboy Slim


Bassbin Twins, Shut Up & Dance & Freddy Fresh - What It Is (Bassbin Twins Remix)
Freddy Fresh - La Lyrica
Freddy Fresh - Electro-Funk Diskobabydisko (Freddy Fresh Remix)
Freddy Fresh - Not Drug Addicts
Sukebo King aka Freddy Fresh feat SBK - Are You Feelin' It
Freddy Fresh - Everybody
Freddy Fresh - It's About the Groove (DJ Spinna Remix)
Boogie Down Productions - Freddy Fresh Medley
Man Parrish feat Freeze Force Crew - Boogie Down Bronx (Freddy Fresh Remix)
Freddy Fresh - Boy That Turned Him On
Freddy Fresh - Lay Face Down
El Loco Gringo - Watchuwanna (Freddy Fresh Remix)
Freddy Fresh - The Real Pro
Freddy Fresh - Bonus Big Beat
Freddy Fresh - Don't Misunderstand Me
Not Just Gigalos - Can't You See
Boricua All Stars - Cuba Cubau
Freddy Fresh & Krafty Kuts - Take Me to the Disco
Mack The Knife - World's Best B-boy Beats Volume 2
Freddy Fresh - Freestyle 808
Freddy Fresh - It's About the Groove
MPC Genuis aka Freddy Fresh - 1976
Freddy Fresh - Rockin' to the Break of Dawn
Freddy Fresh - Left Right
Freddy Fresh - Quite An Earful